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haha, well, thanks for biting :p it's not 100% intentional bait, though. before reposting i just thought "well, if it's wrong i'm sure naich won't be able to not react" (in the spirit of cunningsham's law) :D

i figured it would be enormously oversimplified but would you maybe agree that it at least provides a good oversight of general sentence structure for someone beginning the language? there are often concepts taught that turn out to be "false" later on but serve as useful mental crutches at first. for example, in a different field i'm thinking of learning about atoms via the bohr model only to then replace - or rather enrich - that view with the concept of atomic orbitals and whatnot.

and yeah, i'm still learning japanese, albeit veeeeery slowly - but that's ok, since i really do only learn it for the fun of learning a new language. at first i thought kanji would be the the most difficult part but i actually enjoy learning those quite a lot, while it's exactly those 'little' things you mentioned like 'wa' and 'ga' that are driving me completely insane at times ^^

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